Labor Pain: Is It Necessary

Labor Pain: Is It Necessary?

labor painLabor pain is a fact of childbirth. Or is it? In fact, numerous cultures throughout the world do not suffer from labor pains, and you don’t have to either. According to research by the Ohio State University College of Nursing, pain during childbirth has numerous psychological factors. What this means is that childbirth is a scary experienced made worse by the thought of pain. So how do you eliminate the source of pain? Well, there’s a number of methods, but our program is available here.

Labor pain can be dramatically reduced with this painless childbirth program, and, typically, clients only experience contractions for between one and three hours. That’s much better than the prolonged 24-hour-plus contraction periods experienced by some expectant mothers. It’s called the Painless Childbirth Audio Program, and it works.

Studies have shown that a child delivered in a painless stress-free and trauma-free natural childbirth have higher IQs and fewer problems both physically and mentally in their lives.  JAMA

So why does labor pain happen, and how can you have a pain-free childbirth? To this, we can look to the movies, particularly action movies. The hero can sustain poundings from painless childbirthbaddies, gunshot wounds, and all manner of cuts, grazes, and abrasions, but you only see them flinching when they sit down and actually treat themselves. This is because they are not focusing on the pain as they are shooting back and generally being good guys. Once they stop and focus on the pain, they start wincing and generally hurting. Of course, this looks good on camera, but it actually is very similar to real life in that your mind controls your pain.


Women are told to expect Labor Pain

In Western culture, women are told to expect labor pain, so they suffer. How many times have you sustained an injury that only really started to hurt after you noticed the wound? The key to prevent labor pain is through self-hypnosis, and this is what the Painless Childbirth Program is all about. An analysis of numerous studies about hypnosis and childbirth conducted by a group of academics in Australia in 2004 concluded that “compared with controls, fewer participants having hypnosis required analgesia.” In short, those who were hypnotized required fewer medications. The mind is a powerful thing, and this doctor-approved self-hypnosis program can significantly reduce labor pain.labor pains

Women are Taught To Expect Labor Pain

So why are women taught to expect and experience labor pain? The honest answer is we don’t know. It seems to be a common and self-defeating theme in Western society, whereas in other societies, women are not told about the pain, so many do not suffer from it. There are many benefits involved with self-hypnosis. If you are completely relaxed, the size of your baby is relatively immaterial. After all, your body is designed to give birth, so if you are relaxed, you can avoid labor pain, tearing, and all manner of other problems during childbirth. You minimize or avoid an episiotomy, and the less that part of you is cut, the better! You also recover rapidly because you’re not exhausted with the pain of childbirth. Best of all, not being drugged up is also great for bonding with your newborn child.

Painless Childbirth Program

Without pain, without stress, without worry, and without fear. This is the best kind of childbirth, and it’s the one you deserve to experience. If this sounds like something you want to experience, download this free brochure. Don’t forget that this doctor-approved program is compatible with various childbirth techniques, such as yoga and water births, the Bradley Method, and the Lamaze technique. This is because this self-hypnosis birth program is a mental preparation, whereas these techniques are all physical preparations to birth.labor pain eliminated with painless childbirth program

Doctor Approved for Reduction of Labor Pain

A number of OB/GYN doctors recommend this program as it significantly reduces the chance of complications, and that alone makes the Painless Childbirth Program worth buying.
If you want to learn more about pain-free childbirth and our approach to avoiding labor pain, contact our office, download our brochure, or order our program.

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