All About Pregnancy Week 4

1 Mar

Pregnancy week
4 is a critical time in the development of your baby and also at a critical
time for you.  In fact, may not even realize
you are pregnant by week 4, but this is the week when you’ll probably notice
that your period is absent, and you may begin to feel very tired and perhaps a
bit nauseous.
nausea is a common side effect of pregnancy week 4.  This is the time when the egg has borrowed deep
into the lining of your uterus, and that tiny baby is beginning to grow at a
great rate.  In fact, by the end of week
three, the fertilised egg has turned into an embryo, but it is during pregnancy
week 4 that you begin to feel the early signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy week
4 is the week, which represents some of the fastest development of your
embryo.  A faint heartbeat has begun
while the umbilical cord is also developing during Pregnancy Week 4.  Psychologically, in this weeks there is an
important connection between the mother and the baby, as the mother begins to
understand what she carries within, and that she is providing nutrition, growth
and health for the young embryo.

In pregnancy
week 4 the embryo begins to experience the development of a tiny ears and eyes,
tiny little arms and legs and if you could see what was happening in your womb,
you would realise a little person is developing right inside of you.

But some of
the most dramatic changes of pregnancy week 4 are actually happening to you,
the mom, because this is generally the time when pregnancy morning sickness
symptoms begin.  There are various,
morning sickness symptoms, which include Pregnancy nausea, tiredness, vomiting,
and several other unpleasant effects.
Not all women will experience pregnancy Morning sickness symptoms like
these in pregnancy week 4, but over half of women do.

The big risk
to you as a mother, and indeed for your developing child, is not the feeling of
nausea that you get, but the vomiting which can cause you to lose a great deal
of fluid and can lead to dehydration, endangering both your life and the life
of your child.

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Above all,
even if you are experiencing pregnancy morning sickness symptoms, embrace
pregnancy week 4 as a critical and wonderful stage in the development of both
your unborn child, and yourself!

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