Will I Need to Have STD Testing When I’m Pregnant?

19 Feb

To safeguard you and your little one’s health, I highly recommend you get started with STD testing today since the quicker treatment begins, the greater the prospect you’ve got in combating infections. The STD testing procedure is normally easy and as a result you should wind up being done in fifteen minutes.

Are mothers-to-be able to contract Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Of course, either expecting along with non expecting persons can certainly become afflicted by the exact same STDs. Pregnancy doesn’t secure the woman and their toddlers from getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Having an std issue during pregnant state could certainly become more and more serious not to mention life-threatening towards the mother and child. Pregnant women should be knowledgeable regarding the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and discover keep away from and get rid of an problem.

Does the United States contain a large number of women that are pregnant suffering from STD Testing?

Genital herpes together with bacterial vaginosis infection are usually a couple of the most common Sexually Transmitted Diseases in mothers-to-be inside the Nation. Conversely, Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV and syphilis will not be typically found in pregnant women. The table outlined just below provides us with a glimpse regarding the number of pregnant women who were identified as being infected with specific Sexually Transmitted Diseases every year inside the nation.

STD – Estimated Amount of Pregnant Women
Bacterial vaginosis – 1,080,000
Herpes II – 880,000
Chlamydia – 100,000
Trichomoniasis – 124,000
Gonorrhea – 13,200
Hepatitis B – 16,000
HIV – 6,400
Syphilis – less than 1,000


Just how do Sexually Transmitted Diseases have an effect on a pregnant mother as well as the woman’s infant?

Both pregnant and non pregnant women can in the same manner be affected by STDs. STDs may cause cervical along with other cancers, chronic hepatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and also other issues. A number of STDs are generally silent, consequently one shouldn’t rule out an infection just because there exist hardly any recognizable signs.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases may be passed down from a pregnant mother to the infant prior to, during, as well as after the baby’s birth. Some Sexually Transmitted Diseases (like syphilis) cross the placenta and infect the baby even though it’s in the womb. Then you will find various other STDs with the capacity to infect the child while in the birth process and these Sexually Transmitted Diseases can include gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, and hepatitis B. HIV could crossstitching the placenta during pregnancy, infect the child while in the actual birth process, plus unlike many other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, may infect the child through nursing.

A number of difficulties that STDs can cause consist of uterine infection, early rupture from the membranes encircling the unborn baby within the womb, as well as earlier start of labor.

The harmful outcomes of Sexually Transmitted Diseases on newborns may include stillbirth (a newborn which is delivered dead), lower birth weight (smaller than 5 lbs), conjunctivitis (eye infection), pneumonia, neonatal sepsis (condition inside the newborn’s blood flow), neurologic damage, blindness, hearing problems, serious hepatitis, meningitis, chronic liver disease, and cirrhosis. The majority of of such complications can be prevented if the woman is provided with routine prenatal attention, such as screening exams for Sexually Transmitted Diseases beginning early in pregnancy and redone near birth, when necessary. Care could be applied on issues if infections can be found at delivery.

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