What is the Origin of Labor Pain?

26 Feb

The Origin of Labor Pain

The Matron of the Hospital Santa Maria, Patricia Astete, taught us the origin of the labor pain of childbirth and what techniques to minimize it.

First he told us that during the birth process there are several reasons that explain the pain and may, in general, grouped into root causes of emotional and physiological origin.

Origin of Labor Pain The first, of emotional origin are related to the fear of the mother against the unknown, lived subjective experiences in the past or transmitted across generations in the socio-cultural, as well as their expectations for the child birth process.

The physiological causes are due to the physiology of childbirth is the direct stimulation of pain receptors in the organs involved in the process, so it is obvious that cause labor pain, but possible to be treated in a timely and secure using  the labor pain management.

Origin of Labor Pain The specialist explained that the labor pains are caused by contractions of the uterine muscles, plus the pressure of the baby on the cervix. This painful childbirth manifests itself as cramping, and  painful contractions accompanied by fatigue and widespread pain.

According to Patricia every woman should know that although, often regarded as the birth is one of the most painful episodes, the labor pain varies greatly from woman to woman, and certainly one pregnancy to another. Also mothers likely to give higher labor pain intensity than those who have already had children.

Always ready for Labor Pain

The best advice is postulated specialist start practicing some techniques of pain management before delivery, ie, during pregnancy, even more, those women who are considering becoming pregnant may also prepare for labor pain.Labor Pain

Exercise: Keep a consistent routine of exercise helps strengthen muscles and prepare your body for the stress of labor pain and painful childbirth. It also increases resistance, which will help for a long labor. Now, please do not overdo it with the routines. The specialist recommended that a health care professional will make sure an appropriate program based on their pre-pregnancy physical condition and medical history.

The Painless Childbirth method:  Utilizes  self hypnosis and imagery to control the labor pain.  The woman is taught to imagine a magical switch that when put in the on position  desensitizes and turns off the nerves leading to the various parts of her body.

Lamaze technique: Apply that childbirth is a natural and healthy. In Lamaze classes educate women on ways to reduce pain perception, such as through relaxation techniques, breathing, distraction, or massage.

The Bradley method: Also known as delivery attended by the father. It focuses on the active participation of the baby’s father as an assistant, also emphasizes healthy eating and healthy to avoid certain problems in the body and after a lot of pain during pregnancy and childbirth.

The most important thing for mother and baby to maintain body harmony and proper control of the body and women will avoid excessive pain or excessive stress at the time of the occurrence of any physical or mental discomfort.

Other methods for controlling  labor pain:

Origin of Labor Pain

Massage or counterpressure
Meditation and relaxation
Proper posture and body position
Presence of a companion, ideally the baby’s father
Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
Positive association of images and environment
Application of heat and cold
Widespread realization of rhythmic movements
Proper Breathing
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