Using Hypnotherapy to Avoid or Minimize Labor Pain

10 Jun

Using Hypnotherapy to Avoid or Minimize Labor Pain

To date, there are still a number of myths about childbirth that exist and are often mistaken as the truth. Many women who are in their final weeks of pregnancy are confused with the right things that they should do while preparing for the labor and eventually acquire the wrong facts because of these myths.

One of the controversial methods of giving birth without experiencing labor pain is by using hypnosis on the mother, which is also referred to as hypnotherapy. Some people have their own myths regarding this method, but the truth is that it is a scientific procedure that can effectively help mothers who are having difficulties during their labor. It must be cleared that the patient opts for this type of easing labor pains at her own will and is just a means of directing the inner mind toward the positive side. It should also be noted that this is not a satanic or a religion-oriented method.

90 to 95% of US mothers can be hypnotized to Minimize Labor Pain

Approximately, 90 to 95% of US mothers can be hypnotized effectively during childbirth. With enough willingness, belief and motivation, it is not impossible for a mother to be hypnotized and be ready for the childbirth. In most cases, women who have stronger mind and will power can be easily hypnotized and experience a more bearable childbirth with lessened labor pain. While under the hypnosis, the patient is neither asleep nor Minimize Labor Painunconscious. This means that she has the option to stop the hypnotism anytime and she cannot be forced to do anything against her will even if she is already hypnotized.

Contrary to some circulating myths, there are a number of great benefits that people can get from using hypnosis during childbirth. One of these is the elimination of expensive and risky drugs needed in an ordinary labor to reduce labor pain and labor contractions. Also, this method of childbirth enables the mother to experience a shorter labor. As the procedure takes place, she can be more relaxed as her response to labor pain is minimized or even eliminated. Thus, the mother can stay calm as the baby comes out from her womb. In fact, there are fewer interventions and complications when the mother is hypnotized during childbirth that is why it has been proven by many experts to be a safe procedure.Minimize Labor Pain

Fearful to try this method to reduce labor pain

There are still many women who are too fearful to try this method of giving birth, but with some research and further study on hypnotism, one can understand that it is already rampant nowadays in various medical applications. To make sure that a certain physician is capable to use hypnotism effectively for a safe childbirth and less labor pain, it is best advised to check some reliable websites over the Internet first for some tips on finding the right hypnotherapist.  The best modality for using  hypnosis and hypnotherapy to reduce labor pain associated with childbirth is the  Painless Childbirth Audio Program.

Be sure to visit the Painless Childbirth Program Page, and know more about this popular program for eliminating fear and discomfort of labor pain from your childbirth.


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  1. It is important not to actually “eliminate” pain. Some sensation should be retained, so as not to experience unnecessary injury or ignore the signs of something possibly going wrong.

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