Stages of Labor and Delivery

Stages of Labor and Delivery

After the initial excitement of finding out you are expecting a baby has kicked in, you may find yourself being a little concerned about how you are going to deal with the inevitable pain that will come with delivering your new bundle of joy.

Feelings of anxiety and panic are totally normal for pregnant women to go through regardless of whether you have been through childbirth before or not. For these stages of labor and deliveryreasons, many women will automatically assume that the only way they can cope with the pain that comes with the various stages of labor and delivery is to opt for pain killers and medication. This however is untrue.

Mark E. Wilkins has developed an audio program that many women are raving about, as it teaches you all the techniques you need to finally be able to have that painless, and enjoyable all natural childbirth that you have dreamed of!

The techniques that you will learn during the painless labor program, will relax you and give the the confidence to go through the stages of labor and delivery without pain, and without medication.

Going Through the  Different Stages of Labor and Delivery

The painless childbirth program created by Mark E Wilkins will enable you to train stages of  labor and deliveryyour mind to deal with all the stages of labor and delivery. This include the Latent stage, which is the first stage you will go through, which is often known to be the least painful, but longest. It is in this stage you can put all you have learned into practice, and use the techniques taught to remain calm and in control.

Once you have passed the first stage of labor, you will then be going into the second phase, which is active labor. It is in this stage that your painless childbirth program will really be appreciated, as this is when your contractions will start to get stronger. With the confidence and power of your mind you will be able to breeze through this phase, appreciating each and every contractions as a positive milestone that you are one step closer to meeting your unborn baby.

The Later Stages of Labor and Delivery

Once your cervix has progressed from 7 to 10 centimeters dilated, you will be entering the final stage in childbirth, which is Transitional Labor. This is know to be the most painful stage of labor, yet the shortest. Now you will be able to really put everything that you have been taught over the painless childbirth program into use, remaining stages of labor and deliveryrelaxed, collected and fully aware of each push and painless feeling without any medication at all.

The moment following that last push, your baby will finally be in your arms, with both of you alert and feeling a sense of achievement that you had that painless natural childbirth every woman around the world dreams of!

Be sure to visit the Painless Childbirth Program Page, and know more about this popular program for eliminating fear and discomfort from your childbirth.

The great tstages of  labor and deliveryhing about this Mark E Wilkins program is that you can do this almost anywhere. For instance, when running your errands you can listen to it on the go, and even when at home cooking or relaxing outside in your garden. Many women also find that when in the different stages of labor and delivery keeping a calm, and controlled mindset is also very positive for partners too.

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