Does Painless Childbirth Exist?

Does Painless Childbirth Exist?

We’ve been on this planet for tens of thousands of years and women over the years have had to endure childbirth pains over and over. With the boom in technology and advances in the pharmaceutical companies there are many childbirths that happen under the influence of doctor-administered drugs, but these mask the pain and can have many side-effects. Also, women have sedatives or tranquilizers, which remove the personal feeling of having a child.

There are other ways to have a painless childbirth and that is through painless childbirthself-hypnosis. Using specially-designed hypnosis techniques, you can be taught to combat the pain by controlling your pain receptors. As pain is an expected reaction from your brain, you can therefore train your brain to not accept that what you’re enduring is painful. These techniques might seem like they would have little in the way of results, but many women have used hypnosis to good effect.

During childbirth, a women usually is in lots of pain and discomfort, and lots of noise and suffering can have an adverse effect on the baby. Those first few minutes of being born to lots of commotion and pain, it is not a good way for the baby to enter this world. If the baby was born into a calm, peaceful, happier place then it would have a positive effect on him or her.

Painless Childbirth

Painless childbirth doesn’t have to be a myth, it can happen, and it does. By staying calm and relaxed, your muscles and ligaments will be more flexible and help the birth be easier. If you can control the pain of birth, then you will be more likely to enjoy the birth and be more aware of what is happening. If birth is a gift, why would you want to be elsewhere when you’re given it?

If you can manage the labor pain, you can be one of the few women that will look back on the whole process and smile, rather than never want to go through it again. Of course, women do regularly have more than one child but if that choice is made not to have another after a particularly painful birth, then that isn’t the right way to decide. If you have a painless childbirth and decide to not have any more children, then you would have made that decision for your own personal circumstances, not down to pain or anxiety.

Successful Painless Childbirth

Using the self-hypnosis techniques, you can enjoy a painless childbirth. It’s been shown in many women to have a very positive outcome and the peacefulness and calmness that comes with it are beneficial for those first few experiences for the baby. Instead of being filled with drugs and chemicals, the birth can be a natural and less invasive one, which ultimately could lead to better child development during the first few years of life.

By using  the Painless Childbirth Audio Program  by Mark E. Wilkins, and following the hypnosis techniques to a tee, you can look forward to a painless childbirth  and free from systematic medication.

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