Are Drugs the Only Answer to Labor Pain?

Are Drugs the Only Answer to Labor Pain?

We all know that childbirth is one of the worst types of  discomfort, labor pain,  a women can ever endure and it seems strange that afterwards, one of the most precious gifts is given for going through it. Why should we have to go through labor pain in order to receive the best thing in life, a child? What if we could find a way of a labor pain free birth, without labor pain or drugs or labor painmedicines, and to enjoy the whole experience of bringing a child into the world, without screaming or agonizing pain?

There are huge needles and drugs that can throw a blanket over the labor pain but they also cause you to be temporarily paralyzed and that means you don’t get the same feeling when giving birth. There is a way to have both, and that’s through hypnosis therapy with  the painless childbirth program for pregnancy. By taking a course of self-hypnosis courses, you can control your body’s reaction to labor pain through controlling the mind. We are amazing beasts and our brains are far more complex than we give them credit for.

How to Deal With Labor Pain

Through using hypnosis, you can train your mind to deal with the pain and lesson the chances of finding it uncomfortable. No sedatives, no tranquilizers just simple mind control techniques to have a pain-free birth. There are no side-effects and your baby will have a more pleasant and less traumatic birth, thanks to the more peaceful and calm you.

In many cases, the drugs that doctors give might not work or might not be as effective as they are made out to be. If you’re not in full control of yourself and are lapsing in and out of consciousness, then how can you enjoy the birth? Think about it, once your child is labor paineventually born, you want to bond and enjoy the time with your partner, not be sedated or unable to hold her. With painless childbirth audio program, you can set your mind at a level that is calm and peaceful, which will be passed onto the baby, and that’s a good thing!

By learning how to eliminate labor pain you can feel free to enjoy the birth and be in full control. There will be no labor pain, no crying or wanting it to stop, just a nice, relaxing time to spend bringing the child into this world. Of course, there are labor pain management techniques that your doctor could show you and teach you, but hypnosis has been shown to help smokers quit smoking, alcoholics stop drinking and now pregnancies from not hurting,  through the  Painless Childbirth Program.

The End of Labor Pain

Pain is in the mind, it is a chemical reaction in the brain that makes you feel pain. If you train your mind to remain calm and focused during the ordeal then you’re more likely to not feel pain. The technique is called the Dave Elman method and it is used in the painless childbirth program and  you can do it during the later months of your pregnancy, in the comfort of your own home to reduce labor pain. By learning self-hypnosis from a qualified facilitator, you can adjust your body’s natural function to one which suits you and the baby more.  Mark E Wikins has developed such a program in the  Painless Childbirth Audio Program.  This program  eliminates or reduces  the discomfort of  labor pain.

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