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Painless  Childbirth  Audio  Program for Labor Pain Reduction

Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful journey to eliminate your labor pain and fear.  A journey that will teach you how to REDUCE LABOR PAINexpand and use the incredible power of your mind with the Painless Childbirth Program.  I will be teaching you how to use your mind to completely relax and control any labor pain or discomfort from labor contractions that you might experience during normal childbirth. The first track, you will listen to is the pre-talk.  In the pre-talk.  I will explain how hypnosis works, and how your mind works.  You will learn that hypnosis is nothing to fear, and it’s actually a body function.  I am only the facilitator and will guide you through the process of self hypnosis so you can learn to eliminate labor pain and painful childbirth. I will ask that you listen to the pre-talk several times until you are comfortable with hypnosis and fully understand.  Its usage.  The next track, you will listen to will be your first birthing session,  starting the journey to less labor pain and enjoyable  childbirth.  During the first session, I will teach you hypnosis using the Dave Elman method.

The Birthing Session, No More Labor Pain

During each birthing session, you’ll be taken deeper and deeper into a more relaxed state.  Once you are in the sun lamp elicited state of hypnosis.  I will teach you pain management techniques and relaxation techniques that you will use during your childbirth.  Utilizing the incredible power of our minds.  You will be able to control your body and any labor pain associated with childbirthing and breast feeding.  We also work on the elimination of any period of post-Earth depression and allow you to have the ultimate bonding experience with your new child. As I have stated in previous writings, there are studies showing that a child delivered in a stress for he trauma free environment is likely to have higher IQs and few were problems both physically and mentally throughout their lives.  This was based on studies written in the Journal of the  American Medical Association.


I know, you w ill enjoy the results of no labor pain with this program……



Happy Mother & Baby using Painless Childbirth


Mother and Child using Painless Childbirth to Eliminate Labor Pain

Wonderful Mental Expectancy

When you start to use the painless childbirth audio program at an early stage of your pregnancy. You will be able to enjoy months of wonderful mental expectancy. The latest, we like to start the program is during the seventh month. I have worked with two women in private sessions during the final month of their pregnancy, and both women did great. We love to share any pictures of you and your baby and your stories and experiences using the painless childbirth audio program. I have included some photos of women who have successfully delivered using the painless childbirth program. I do have group sessions, starting in the seventh month of your pregnancy, and also private sessions, if you desire, these lessons. At times, we scheduled group sessions with the local park and recreation centers. You can send me an e-mail and I will put you on the list. So you are notified of any group sessions.

I know, you will enjoy the results of no labor pain with this program……  See More Information on Painless Childbirth Program to eliminate labor pain.


`Unleashing the power of your mind, and advancing wealth and prosperity consciousness to achieve Happiness, Joy, Abundance, and Self Realization of your innate powers and abilities that our God has bestowed on us. Mark E. Wilkins, Ph.D.


  1. Hi is this a natural painless childbirth? Because I’m very scared of pain and would like to give birth naturally as well as trying to reduce intense pain or just to have a completely painless childbirth

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