Painless Childbirth Is Possible

24 Feb

Do you want to know how you can have a Painless Childbirth? Research has shown that every year up to 45000 women in United States experience a painles childbirth, and that is just research.

Video Rating: 4 / 5 Waterbirth of Kaden June 3, 2008. a natural painless childbirth! Kim Nelli pushes Kaden out in less than 15 minutes. She contributes it to her exercise program and nutrition during her pregnancy.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 thoughts on “Painless Childbirth Is Possible

  1. hmmm i think birth without drugs is a great idea… and water birth… but not the “spirituality” and philosophy part please.

  2. @porsdottir There are women who have had pain free childbirths. It depends on how relaxed you are and if you have good relaxation techniques. Now, if you accept that it is going to be painful and go with it and try to relax against each contraction, it helps. I know when I started to transition, that was the hardest. Most books, like Ina May’s book, describes women having excrutiating birthing experiences. But not every woman experiences the same. Laying on your back doesn’t make it better

  3. @all4youdoula84 I’ve had two medical childbirths and it was horrible both times. The last time, i had an epidural and it didn’t work. then i got more drugs and when i had to push i couldn’t feel and pushed too hard and guess what? I ended up with a protracted urethra. It sucked. Afterwards, i lost all sphinxter and urine control. However, if women want drugs, i feel like they should have that right without anyone saying no they can’t. Some people just can’t handle it. For me, i hate epidurals.

  4. По моему обе роженицы – русские, а черненкая девочка – мать-одиночка.

  5. @mpd19666 ouch that’s a new one…never heard that shit before..well no one wants to hear your opinion on childbirth..i mean come on,you’re posting this on a video ABOUT the miracle of child birth so you’re looking to argue,well i have better shit to do with my time than to talk to a little kid who wants to make internet threats.please don’t respond.i won’t read or reply so please dont waste your time

  6. @mpd19666 ..lemme guess you’re about what 15..16?honey you’re obviously still a child or a very ignorant adult.i hope one day when you GROW UP you find a girl,get her pregnant and have to watch every detail about the birth

  7. i’m 25 and i have4 children.all delivered naturally and without any pain aid or gas and air.i wudn’t go as far as to say it was painless- but they were all silent births.i have realised that the more u concentrate on allowing and working with ur contractions-regardless of the pain-u actually get the baby out alot easier& smoother wid no stitches.its hard-bt over and done with faster. and regardless of ur pain-walk to get urself dialated quicker.none of my labours hav eva been more then 3 hours.

  8. I can’t believe this video is yielding a discussion about abortion… It is clearly celebrating the beauty of childbirth.

  9. lets move away entierly from rape. were missing the point. I think its shockingly nieve, wrong nd downright disrepectful 2 suggest tht woman have abortions jst b/c its not suiting their current reputation or tht they think its an inconviniance..i wld say its b/c they dnt feel ready 2 deal with the massive responisibility of a dependant child or b/c they r financially unstable etc. nd jst b/c they r doing it for wht they believe 2be the right reasons doesnt mean they shld bcome emotionally void.

  10. But you see..most women do not have an abortion b/c they were raped…it’s b/c they want out, it doesn’t fit thier reputation status at the time, or it’s b/c of some other reason that has to do w/the mother thinking the baby is an inconvients at that time being..not to mention the women I know who have had a abortion regret it later on & cry when the baby’s “would have been birthday” comes can’t justify that.

  11. there are many interpretations of ‘intense’. each individual persons idea of intense is different from the next. sex is intense, but in an entierly different way that child birth is. people experiance different types and levels of intensities in their life time. i dont think its fair to categorise the intensity you feel during sex to that of birth as they are on two totally seperate scales. Congratulations on ur 5th child!! and i am delighted for you that you find each birth easier! good luck!

  12. Intensity doesn’t equal pain. Sex can be very very ‘intense’ and not be painful at all. Orgasm can take your breathe away, but is still painfree and enjoyable. And the truth of the matter is that the same body parts and hormones come into play both in sex and birth. And the same environment of privacy and promotion of relaxation is needed for both or both will turn into an painful experience. I’m expecting my 5th baby and each time I am more relaxed and have less pain from contractions.

  13. I’m due with my first child anyday now. I’m having a natural birth and I’m so excited.” If we are to heal the planet, we must begin by healing birthing”. -Agnes Sallet VonTannenberg

  14. Im not saying baby shld pay for what dad did-but imagine how u wld feel if you found out if you were concieved because a man raped your mum…a male child cld worry that they are destined to tun into its father and a female can be terrified thats its gonna happen to her. mum shldnt be expected to give up her child either. she should have the option of being able to do anything to help her move on from such a traumatic experiance-not live with it for 9months then wonder abt her baby all her life.

  15. i think its apauling to expect a raped woman to continue a pregnancy with her rapists baby. Think of the trauma that has on a woman, having to relive what happened to her every day for 9 months. Not as though with a massive belly shes gonna forget in a hurry. That trauma cant be good for baby.

    And at the beginning she says during the contractions its intense then u get a repreive….meaning it aint painless. These people cant be right upstairs….its just obvious its painfull!!!!

  16. The way I see it it is just unnecessary pain without medication – just the way I see it. But o.k. if you feel comfortable…

  17. well first off im a doula. i know how medication can affect not only mommy but BABY AS WELL. many medications are not necessary…just like a womans lungs know when to breath, her body knows how to give birth.
    you dont see childbirth as a rite of passage and a spiritual journey, i do! and you are not discouraging me, i have had medicated hospital births, its not that fun to push on your back. its like trying to take a poop laying down, it just doesnt feel that good!

  18. I don`t want to discourage you but why do you want an uc? I would take every help possible and not trust in any stories about chacras, everybody can easily see that this video is not very reliable. If I were you I would take every help possible, it is too late when you discover during the pain that it is too much. When I ever get a child I know already now I want to have every medication even possible and if not I don`t want any child.

  19. this video is awesome! it gives me soooooo much hope for my next birth, me and my hubby fully intend on having a uc! for those of you who dont know what that is, its an unassisted childbirth. I fully trust my body to birth my baby!

  20. I don’t understand how people can say it was a painless child birth! I’ve had 3 births and they were ALL extremely painful. I think the title should be calm childbirth not painless cause I don’t believe labor can be painless since God says that part of the curse for us women for sinning is an increased pain in child birth!

  21. I know I may look like a stupid kid to be asking this, but do you choose the type of birth you deliver your child through? Because I know that even though I am a kid I have researched a bit and found that this is the best method (natural and painless) of childbirth. Was this kind of birth just a resort because of the situation? Or did you choose?

  22. after seeing this it has helped my fears alittle- im having my 1st child- so scared!! trying not to be, but its hard with all those horror stories out there…my experience will be my experience, il reserch and learn much as i possibly can to make it as pleasent as possible.

  23. @AngelsAckiz BUT… i agree with you on those things. baby should not be clamped so quickly, and bonding time is so important.

  24. @AngelsAckiz not all “american midwives” are like that. my midwife was fantastic at my birth, let me hold my son in the water for as long as i pleased. you should not clump all america midwives together. it isn’t fair to the ones who are truly amazing!

  25. I hate the term “natural” childbirth. I think that anytime a baby is born it should be called “natural.”

  26. Amazing congratulations!!! I’m due in about a month very nervous for the pain!!! Extremely excited to meet our baby!!! Your husband was very good and calm that whole time!!! You made it looks so easy!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  27. @AngelsAckiz @AngelsAckiz thats a pretty strong judgement from sumone who obviously has very little experience with american midwives. i specified in my birth plan that i wanted little help during delivery and my midwife carried out my wishes.. dont be so quick to judge..

  28. @AngelsAckiz thats a pretty strong judgement from sumone who obviously has very little experience with american midwives. i specified in my birth plan that i wanted little help during delivery and my midwife carried out my wishes.. dont be so quick to judge..

  29. those midwives were awful – women have unassisted births and the babies are fine as are the mothers – why did they have to have all their hands in their at once poking and prodding around – mothers are able to birth their babies without some medical bullies telling them what to do and grabbing at a baby WHILST being born. very poor example for midwives.

  30. This birth was nice, but the midwives should have trusted this mama more and let her birth her baby and catch him, they also clamped and cut the cord way too soon. Still better than mostr hospital births though~

  31. im SO glad my midwife never pushed her weight around during my water birth. never told me what to do and how to do it. let US massage the baby after birth and waited until the plasent started to disconnect before cutting the cord. she was the BEST! and she was american. trained in seattle;) but way to go girl-u were totally great in there! u didnt loose it like some girls ive seen.

  32. That’s exactly what I was trying to say. It doesn’t matter which country you come from, it’s all on the individual and how they’ve been trained, their personal beliefs, personalities, etc….

    Like I said, I’ve seen horrible British midwives, excellent American midwives and vice versa. How anyone can so naturally assume that you are where you come from is beyond me.

  33. American, British- look, it doesn’t really matter of the country. What matters in those cases are how the doctors, nurses, midwives or other interact with each other- if there is tension or dislike it shows in performance.

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