Painless Childbirth Humor!

18 Feb

New Painless Childbirth  Procedure

A married couple came to birth in the hospital. On arrival, they told the doctor had invented a new machine that transferred a portion of the labor pain to the father .

He asked the couple whether they want to try it. Both were very enthusiastic about it. The doctor set  the scale of the machine for 10% for beginners. He said that even at 10% it would produce more pain than the father had ever experienced. But as the contractions started, the husband felt strong and asked the doctor to go to a higher scale. Then the doctor put the scale to 20%. The husband continued to be handling it very good.

Painless Childbirth , The doctor checked the husband’s blood pressure and was amazed at how good he was doing.  He then decided to go to 50%. The husband felt good. Since it seemed to help his wife considerably, he encouraged the doctor to take over ALL the pain on him.  The wife gave birth to a healthy baby without any pain to the world. She and her husband were thrilled.

When she got home, the mailman was lying dead on the porch.


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