How To Get Rid of StretchMarks After Pregnancy

Why do you get stretchmarks after pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful occasions in your life. However, pregnancy also has many symptoms and after effects that many women are not so thrilled about. Stretchmarks after pregnancy are very common, so much so that 50%-80% of pregnant women will experience these during and after pregnancy.

Stretchmarks after pregnancy are caused by the stretching of the skin, which can appear in one or several areas of the body, including your tummy, hips, breasts, thighs and even on your arms. These lines typically start to show at the later stage of your pregnancy as your baby starts to grow along with your abdominal area.

Stretchmarks will start to develop as red lines, or sometimes look dark purple in appearance, with some women having silver colored stretchmarks after pregnancy. It is also common for these marks to be slightly itchy, thus careful attention is needed not to aggravate your stretchmarks further.

How to prevent stretchmarks after pregnancy

Stretchmarks after pregnancy are very common, and some women even celebrate them naming them their badges of honor. Of course it is understandable if you have never hadhow to get rid of stretchmarks after pregnancy stretchmarks before that you may not feel as honored, and wish to know more about how to prevent stretchmarks after pregnancy.

The good news is there are several things that you can do to help prevent stretchmarks. For instance, taking the time to massage your skin daily will help improve circulation, which in turn will encourage new tissue growth. You can do this at home with your favorite moisturizer and even with a massage glove if you wish. As you would during pregnancy, eating well is also known to help prevent stretchmarks, especially drinking plenty of water, and eating foods rich in zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E.

How to get rid of stretchmarks after pregnancy

Once you have had your baby, you may find that your stretchmarks are more visible as the skin begins to shrink back to its previous size. Stretchmarks after pregnancy may take a while to vanish or reduce dramatically in appearance however, there are several ways in which you can help the process along a little.


For example, natural creams such as coco butter are very popular with women who have stretchmarks after pregnancy. You can apply it several times a day if you wish, by gently massaging it into your skin after you have bathed or showered. Not only will the coco butter help make your skin more subtle, but it has natural ingredients that are said to help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and can be used on not only your tummy, but your hips, thighs and other areas too. Massaging the areas where you have stretchmarks will also stimulate the skin too.  Click here to find out how to get rid of stretchmarks after pregnant.

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how to get rid of stretchmarks after pregnancyIf possible, you should start these techniques, such as massage, and eating vitamin rich foods, as well as drinking plenty of water as early as you can, preferably when you find out you are pregnant. Even if you do not yet have stretchmarks, these are great ways to prevent stretchmarks after pregnancy.

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