How to Deal With Labor Pain Effectively

14 Jun

How to Deal With Labor Pain

When you go through intense labor pain, you feel that it will never end, but as soon as your child is born…..all that agony seems to disappear and you forget everything about it. There are many methods to manage this pain. Some medication is also available. However, you must have an overall idea about how to counter the pain of labor and discomfort, so that your childbirth becomes a more comfortable and enriching experience for you.

The Onset Of Labor Pain

Labor pain starts when you start getting contractions at regular intervals. Your body undergoes many changes to assist childbirth. Yet, chances are that you will feel the labor pain. How much discomfort it causes would depend upon how you perceive the labor pain. For first-time mothers, this pain is more intense but for subsequent deliveries, it might be lesser. The baby passes through the birth canal, the ligaments of the pelvis loosen up and you push out the baby with the help of contractions and your own efforts.

Ways To Manage Labor Pain

The most natural and common way to manage labor pain is through preparation during pregnancy. You should get mild exercise, have a proper diet and learn breathing techniques to lower the pain. If your body is fit and flexible, then you may not need any help during labor.

Some medicines are also available. The systematic medication options are as follows:


The first one is the use of analgesics and narcotics, which are administered during active labor process. This increases your tolerance level, but may induce drowsiness and even speed up or slow down labor. It may have some side effects on the baby as well.
A tranquilizer given with a narcotic can provide better labor pain relief than if given only on its own. It decreases your fear and anxiety and helps you to relax.
The last option is sedatives, which slow down the process, make you relax and gives rest to your body. But these have side-effects on you and the baby.
Another form of medication is regional anesthetic. Most common is the use of epidurals, which block the pain from waist-down. It is given during the last stage of the labor. This is administered through an injection in the spine. In this, you do not feel any labor pain, but you will feel tightening and pressure when a contraction would strike. This way you can time your pushing efforts with the contractions. This medication has almost no side-effects, but it is not effective on some women.


You can learn the pain management options from your doctor/caregiver. They will advise a labor pain management program, which is suitable for you and your baby. The Painless Childbirth audio program with  provide your best option.  Every woman is different, so the medication to be used depends upon your body type. An effective management of pain relaxes you and the whole experience of childbirth becomes much more comfortable.

In the last stage of pregnancy, labor pain can be managed effectively. The labor can be borne more easily with the help of a number of ways to assist childbirth.

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