Breast Feeding First Six Weeks

16 Jun

Breast Feeding

You may think that Baby is not breast feeding enough at first, but provided you ensure your baby has a grip on your  nipple and areola dark area around the nipple, and you will know this because of a tingling sensation plus a drawing sensation which will  simultaneously occur,  the milk will flow.  Also another benefit of breast feeding is the way in which the uterus automatically begins to return to normal.It  can feel like an abdominal twinge,much like a mild contraction,which at first may seem a bit alarming, but it is quite normal, as your uterus returns to its normal size.  Painless Childbirth program helps the  new mother with breast feeding your  newborn.

It is important not to rush Breast Feeding

It is very important not to rush, and if you have the opportunity to talk with other mum’s in the post labor ward, who have breast fed before, they will be only too happy to guide you. It does take a bit of practice and a lot of patience at first, but in my view the outcome makes it very worthwhile. I breast fed both my children until they where one year old. so in my view Breast milk is the best food you can give to your  baby.

Because Breast milk is a complete food source, containing all the nutrients your baby need when your  breast feeding.  Basically you will be conferring some degree of  protection from infection, a natural  resistance, which you have acquired during your life, to the baby via your Breast milk. The nutritional make up in breast milk will adjust to your baby’s needs as he or she grows and  develops. Aside from the brain building, infection fighting benefits of breast milk, which no formula can match, nursing will also help to build a special bond between you and your baby, so plan on breast feeding.

Your Child will Thrive on  the contact of Breast Feeding

When nursing,  your child thrives on the contact, cuddling, and holding – It does feel special.  However, there will be  times when you want or need to go out, leaving baby with a relative or Dad.  Invest in a breast pump, it is very easy to express milk,  and the bottle the milk is collected in, you just  seal and put into the fridge immediately.  Baby can then be fed in your absence.  Of course you will need to buy a sterilizing box/container for the teats and bottles.

Since breast feeding can take up to 40 minutes or more, you should pick a comfortable position for nursing. Relax,perhaps put a cushion or pillow under your elbow, so your arm is supported.Once your baby has latched on, the first milk flow is thin/light this is rather like a refreshing drink for baby, the second flow of milk is thicker, and resembles milk, and this is what will satisfy the baby.  Try to empty one breast completely, and after winding your baby offer the second breast, so some of the first flow, is drawn off.  Then at the next feed, that breast will be the one you will give a full feed from.

It is believed that the first flow of milk from the breast is rather like an adult having a glass of water, thirst quenching, so it is important that you then proceed to feed from the same breast for the second and more substantial milk flow.  Finally offering your baby a final drink from the opposite breast does two things, firstly it is like a final drink of water to baby after the meal, so to speak, and , it also relieves pressure from the breast and helps prevent engorgement.  This is why it is also important to alternate which breast you begin feeding from, one feed to the next.

Atmosphere is very important, even more so in the early days of breast feeding, So sit in a comfortable position,with your back supported and a cushion under the elbow of the arm supporting your baby.  I used to take the phone off the hook, and listen to some music, but nothing too intrusive as  it’s lovely talking to your little one whilst they are feeding.  Pay attention to how your breasts feel when your baby latches on, if they are rock hard, it is a good idea to bathe in  warm water or take a quick bath, this will release some of the milk,  making it easier for your baby, as their mouth should cover most of the areola surrounding   the nipple, and the nipple should be far back into your baby’s mouth. at first it feels like a nip, when the baby latches on, so you should notice.Whilst some women adjust to breast feeding easily, other mums find it hard to learn.

Don’t be discouraged, so long as you want to Breast feed, just remind yourself that your little baby is also learning how to breast feed too!  Keep in mind that any problems are temporary, as you will be  Breast feeding  like a pro by your six week post-partum  check up.  Assuming you have established Breast feeding, when it is time for you to start weaning your baby, and as I said I breast fed for a year, it is better to slowly wean off the breast.  What I did was to drop the mid-day feed first, and of course depending upon how old your baby is  when you wean, you replace it with a baby meal/or bottle if baby is still very young.

Basically if you wean the baby off your breast gradually, your little one will remain content, and you will be less likely to have problems with engorged milk in the  breasts, which can be quite painful.  Again, my solution to that, if I had been away from my child for the day, was to sit in a bath of warm water, as this encourages the milk to flow out, and relieve the pressure.  It also makes it easier for the baby to feed if your breast is not rock hard.  As I returned to work when my children were 3 months old, I expressed milk for the mid-day feed, for a family member to give, and popped home for the tea time feed, of course I was home for the bed time feed.

But for me, when weaning, lunch feed was dropped first, then tea time, followed by a warm bath before feeding in the  evening, to relieve pressure, then dropped am feed, and of course had stopped expressing milk at outset of weaning.  And finally the bed time feed was the last feed to drop, mainly because I just loved the closeness between me and my baby, at the time of day.  So, if you are about to have your baby, I do hope this will be helpful and spur you on to Breast feed, and that you will derive as much pleasure as I did, and many others have done.  It really is simply amazing, and just happens to be very good for both Baby and You so plan on breast feeding.

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