All About Your Pregnancy Timeline

22 Feb

I would like to give you details of my partner’s pregnancy timeline from a guy’s point of view. We found out that my girlfriend was pregnant about 3 months ago. We were planning it but we still were a little surprised with how quickly that it happened.

When you first find out your partner is pregnant it is very exciting. Soon after that though they start to experience the signs of pregnancy and can make it tough for you. It is normal for that to happen but I would like for you to understand beforehand the changes that this might have.

Well the first common symptom of pregnancy that nearly everyone has heard of is morning sickness. It wasn’t just in the mornings that she had this feeling. It tended to occur when she felt hungry. Although she was not actually physically sick, she did get the feeling a lot but by the 14 week along the pregnancy timeline these feelings do pass.

The amount of energy that she had dropped from their normal levels. She started to feel tired all of the time. She started to get out of bed later each day which impacted on her normal routine. Although that tiredness is a problem it is still important that your partner tries to maintain their normal daily routine for as long as she can.

You will also notice that in the evening that she will want to do a lot more sitting around and you may be required to take a more active role in the housework. This is something that you should be sympathetic of but remember the tiredness will pass further along the pregnancy timeline.

Your partner is likely to have different reactions than my girlfriend but here are a few things that she might suffer from. The other possible symptoms include mood swings, food cravings, constipation, headaches, backaches and weight gain. Obviously the last one is a joke.

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